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Patio and Lap Pools

Are you space challenged or you just want a small pool that's part of your patio area? Then our Patio Pool series is perfect for you. Patio Pools are usually smaller than 12ft wide and 20ft long. We can design one to fit very small outdoor or indoor spaces.

patio liner pool
Patio pool 3a
Patio pool 4
Patio pool 4a
Lap pool 2
Geometric Liner pool Lap pool 1
Patio pool 1
Patio pool 6
Patio pool 2
Sun fiberglass pool 1a
Patio pool 7

A way to create a lap or exercise pool out of a patio pool is to install a  Swim Jet at one end of the pool. Swim jets create a current of water that is strong enough for someone to swim against while not moving forward - like a treadmill on water. These jets can be installed on any size pool, but they are more popular with small pools or large spas or as otherwise known Swim Spas.

Lap Pools are also pools specifically designed to fit a narrow or long space and for those who mainly want to exercise and swim laps. They come in all shapes and sizes but a feature all lap pools share is a relatively narrow and long swimming lane.  

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