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Barrier Reef fiberglass pools Grande 1a
Barrier Reef fiberglass pool Whitsunday 1a
Barrier Reef fiberglass pool Whitsunday  1
Barrier Reef fiberglass pools Oyster 1
Sun fiberglass pool 1
Why a fiberglass pool
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment, which is beneficial if the manufacturer is reliable and good materials and molds are used. 
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain and is skin friendly.
  • Under normal conditions surface will last longer than on other types of pools.
  • You can see exactly what you will get.
  • Animal friendly to a certain extent.
  • Usually have more standard sitting arrangements.
  • Fast installation times.

Aegean is  the exclusive dealer of the

Barrier Reef fiberglass pool.

Click here to visit the Barrier Reef site.

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