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We don't have an online store but while we are dealing with the Covid-19 situation
you can order supplies, securely pay on line and pick up curbside. 
If you know what you need you can text us your order using the chat messenger on our website or call the store. If you are not sure or if you need to check pricing you must call the store at 757-436-0038. Once you confirm your order you will receive a secure link to pay on line and then you can come to the store at your convenience during business hours to pick up. Stay in your car and call us. We will bring your things to your car.
Thank you for your business and your patience during these difficult times.

COVID-19 Water Sample Policy Options

To protect from the spread of COVID-19 to you and to our staff and to adhere to government issued guidelines, we are providing the following Water Sample Services:

  1. Come in & wait In the store as usual

     · You may be asked to wait outside or in your vehicle if too many people come into the         store.

  2. Drop Sample in-store & Wait in Vehicle

  • Please fill out completely the Drop-off Form (located on round table in the store)           including cell phone number.    

  • Place water sample bottle on top of filled out form and leave on the table.

  • We will call or text you when your water sample is ready for pick up.

  3. Appointment

   4. Drop-Off

  •  Please fill out the Drop-off form completely including phone number.

  •  Attach form to water sample with rubber band and place in outdoor Drop off box.

  •  Test results will be available to pick up on the next business day after 9:30 am.

  •  When you pick up your results, Water lab specialists may not be available for   consultation if they are busy with other customers.

   5. Curb-side & Wait in Vehicle

  • Please fill out the Drop-off form completely including cell phone number. Attach form to water sample with rubber band and place in the Drop Off box.

  • Call us (757-436-0038 ext. 4) to let us know that you are dropping your sample in the Outdoor Drop Off Box and are waiting in your vehicle.

  • If no one answers, you may need to come into the store to give us your sample

  • We will bring your results and chemicals to your vehicle when ready. You can pay remotely from your vehicle.

  • When we bring out your results and your chemicals, Water lab specialists will not be available for consultation.

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